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Hot Steam Stove Heater

We want to sell is a  Hot Steam Stove Heater , its performance is enough to complete the customer wants it to complete almost all the tasks.We believe that this product can provide customers with an excellent experience, so that customers understand what kind of real good product.

  • Ventilation: Heater Air
  • Material: Metal
  • Air Distance: 150m
  • Coal Consum: 52kg/H
  • Supply Heating Area: 2000 Square Meter
  • Transport Package: According to Custom
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Application: Heating Air in Greenhouse and Farm in Winter
  • Input Power: 5.6kw
  • Heating Power: 40*100000kca/H
  • Weight: 1400kg
 Hot Steam Stove Heater
Features and Performance:

Coal burning air heater is mainly used in poultry, vegetable planting, flower planting industry.As well as the factory, workshop ,school and housing estate, where need collective heating.This type heater can rapidly increase the indoor temperature by using hot wind and hot water plumb system. When getting the required temperature, the heater then stops and use the rest energy to keep the temperature, achieving the purpose of keeping warm at the same time saving energy.Simple installation, easy operation, energy saving and no dust pollution, Heating efficiency as high as 95%.

Technical parameter

Model Power (kw) Heating distance (mm) Dimension (mm) Calories (Kcal/h) Rated coal consumption (kg/h) Weight (kg) Heating ratio (%) Warm air temperature (ºC) Heating area (m2) Hatching area (m2)
RS-1 3 80 1100*1500*1600 10*104 13 800 95 80-120 800 400
RS-2 3.9 100 1100*1600*1800 20*104 26 1000 95 80-120 1200 600
RS-3 5.3 120 1200*1700*1900 30*104 39 1200 95 80-120 1600 800
RS-4 5.6 150 1200*1800*2000 40*104 52 1400 95 80-120 2000 1000

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