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Infrared Portable Gas Stove with Heater

We want to sell is a Infrared Portable Gas Stove with Heater, its performance is enough to complete the customer wants it to complete almost all the tasks.We believe that this product can provide customers with an excellent experience, so that customers understand what kind of real good product.

  • Fuel: Gas-Fired
  • Structure: Ceramic
  • Water Circulation: Infrared Burner
  • Pressure: Pressure
  • Burning Style: Infrared Burner
  • Product Name: Infrared Portable Gas Stove with Heater
  • Conversion Rate: 90%
  • Life: Above 11000hr
  • Plate: Ceramic Plate with Catalyst
  • Working Pressure: 2800~5000PA
  • Function: Hot Air Boiler
  • Installation: Packaged Boiler
  • Media: Infrared
  • Drum Placement: Vertical Boiler
  • Manufacturing Level: CE
  • Usage: Industrial
  • Co: Less Than 80ppm
  • Nox: Less Than 10ppm
  • Chx: Less Than 50ppm
  • Gas Consumption: 0.74kg/Hr
  • Calorific Value: 9360kcal/Hr
  • Specification: CE、

Infrared Portable Gas Stove with Heater

Infrared portable gas stove with heater

The best select-- infrared burners
1) taiwan ceramic tiles
2) state to art assembling.
3) out standing performance.

The specifications:
Gas consumption 0.74kg/hr
Calorific value 9360kcal/hr
Size 910x135x192(mm)
Weight 13kg
Conversion rate 90%
Plate Ceramic plate with catalyst
Working pressure 2800~5000pa
Color Silver
Customized Yes

Infrared portable gas stove with heater advantages:
1) safe:Premixed the air&gas in 2800 mpa low-pressure natural ejector mode, more safety and reliable
2) high efficiency:Honeycomb ceramic plate with strong heat storage capacity, good effect of radiation, conversion rate≥90%,
3) simple structure, easy install:The whole system is consist of there parts, gas/air delivery, burner, ignition and control.Compact structure, easy installation and debugging.
4) energy saving environmental friendly:Full combustion, high efficiency, no waste water/gas, no noise pollution,
5) accurate control:Realize accurate control of combustion by use inverter, actuators.

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